Thursday, 13 May 2010

this is a house this is not a house - performance poems - woodscapes - park pavilions

performed by ntnu professor fredrik lund

art critic tate modern marco daniel

transcript art critic by marco daniel tate modern 

wow what performance
when you are reading this beautiful performance poems about the woodscapes the park pavilions
we realise
how perfect these places are for these events
one of the most topological stages that we could have wished for 
an amazing job
where is inside? where is outside?
your entire performance poems just brought home exactly 
the complexity of topology
acutely relevant for us today 
so intuitively understandable at the same time
absolutely wonderful
draws importance today to talk about topology in relation to arts
as a way to getting the grips of where we are
the artistic brought here in this topological pavilion
thank you very much for your performance

marco daniel

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