Thursday, 15 December 2011

stockholm public library - urban renewal

competition entry

(among 1170 entries)

witty landscape



                      extending an                    icon


a new base with bridges                                             connecting to the old


a screen cover with                  a book garden                             on top

a secret space                              at the back

                                                                                                             architectural poems f.lund

interior landscape

The Architectural Review wrote:
( vol 223, jan 2008 )

“none of the more well-known designers produced immediately convincing solutions, even if David Chipperfield`s elegant terraces, Manuel Aires Mateus` striking void, the lesser known Norwegian Fredrik Lund`s witty landscape and the Finn Aaro Artto`s careful expressionism all stood out.”

the architectural review

landscaped public garden - park pavilion - ARCHITECTURAL RECORD 07 2001 USA

high lights
trip to gothenburg sweden 

modernist inflections - park pavilion - A+D DESIGN 4 2003 INDIA

a widely noticed practice with the fashionable wooden-ribbed glazed box


A+D, is in its 20th year of publication and it is the only national monthly magazine of architecture for architects, designers, students of architecture, construction industry, building promoters and planners, in india

india magazines

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

green at heart - park pavilion - ARQUITECTURA VIVA MONOGRAFIAS 83 2000 SPAIN

reinvindicando sus raices,
una arquitectura callada
que fomente los
 vinculos del hombre
 con el entorno natural.

affirming his
scandinavian roots,
with a quiet architecture
that fosters a connection
 between the user and the

in the footsteps of the pioneers of nordic funktionalism 

Arquitectura viva Monografias
20 para el XXI

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

retrofitting with wood - the bus station in drammen - BYGGEKUNST 3 2005 NORWAY

This new central bus terminal is a 100 metere long, open building, designed to connect with the surrounding urban spaces. A steel columns, with sheltering walls, kiosks, waiting room and services underneath, clearly defined as freestanding elements. The materials are oak, steel and glass. All timber elements are made from the same 35 mm x 60 mm oak section, only the roof is clad panelling boards. Tactile signs and leading lights aid orientation for the disabled.
arkitektur n

Monday, 12 December 2011

new trends of architecture in europe and japan 2002 JAPAN

Paralell with the design of buildings we explore the field of architecture by producing architectural projects,
We stress integration between the disciplines of landscape design, urban design and architecture and we regard architecture as form of public art.
We are interested in exploring the relationship between architecture and nature,
We search for architecture of quit intensity, simplicity and tectonic sensitivity.
Fredrik Lund


Saturday, 10 December 2011

norway on the edge of culture - WALLPAPER march 1999 UK

Inspired by their Scandinavian surroundings, making silence a virtue.
Design to absorb and reflect the cool Scandinavian climate.
The building is clad in larchwood, which weathers to a silvery grey reniniscentof old barns and outhouses. A tall timber screen hung with ivy, honeysuckle, clematis and trailing hops, provides scent and colour in summer, and allows for an open view of the park in winter.
We are inspired by quiet things, such as a large old barn in the snow, or the sandy concrete of an overgrown wall.
Fredrik Lund

Friday, 9 December 2011

eye heart - arkitektur DK 2 1999 denmark



kun med hjertet kan man se rigtigt. det væsentlige er usynligt for øjet.
den poetiske dobbelthed mellem en reflekteret indsigtfuldhed og en naiv spørgen til det egentlige.
i sin bog Frames Levels, a book on basic architectural design møder fredrik lund på denne klogt spørgende måde en række grundlæggende arkitektoniske problemstillinger, og afsøger gennem et forløb af tegninger, modeller og digte, poetiske tolkninger af afgrænsningens og forkellens arkitektoniske artikulering
arkitektens forlag


Thursday, 8 December 2011

den praktiska uppgiften - park pavilion - ARKITEKTUR S 3-1997 sweden

sverre fehn ritar de figurer som barn ritar, marken, solen, trädet, och mäniskan, som ett utgånsgspunkt.
så börjar boken frames levels, linjer, plan som arkitektens verktyg för ett sökande, forskande, undersökande arbete. en ram kring viktiga händelser, en repertoar, en referenslista av rumsliga situationer, mönster som mäniskorna har gjort på jorden.
den konstnärliga konsekvensen, att undersöka det som berör.
fredrik lund