Thursday, 1 November 2012

experimental house C663 fosen - 49 m2 villa

This small villa, with a net floor area of only 49sqm (530sqft), was built as a reaction to the current trend in Norway of building ever-larger houses and summerhouses. The architect strongly feels that many of these oversized dwellings fail to offer much in terms of architectural quality. They are large, awkward, and ruin the surrounding landscape, and represent a highly consumptive lifestyle. The idea in this case was to make a small house that, due to conscious design and a carefully thought out compactness, could offer many different indoor and outdoor spaces, both exposed and sheltered, within a small area. The resulting house not only feels larger than it really is (the interior is essentially one long room), but actually offers a better quality of life and more diversity of use than many much larger houses. The house floats over the ground, respectful of nature, framing views of the countryside. There is a solid brick element within the long interior room, and a large fireplace and wood-burning stove with a unique heating capacity that provides heat while consuming very little wood. The house is built around the idea of facilitating certain rituals that contribute to a simpler and happier lifestyle, in a variety of different times of year. Summer rituals could include finding a pleasant space outdoors under the roof and bringing out a mattress, some pillows and a newspaper, opening all of the windows in the row by the kitchen and enjoying a cup of coffee, sleeping outdoors in a sheltered space. Colder weather activities include lighting the large fireplace and staying by it all evening, talking with family and friends, or reading a good book by the wide window, watching the rain fall outside. And some activities are season-less: sitting on the wall on a fine day feeling the sunshine, or cutting vegetables to prepare a meal for loved ones, crying over the onions... In short, this house presents a lifestyle that does not depend on power-consuming devices to entertain residents with nonsense. Instead it focuses on slower and more timeless rituals that provide life with pleasure and meaning. The house can be reached from Trondheim by crossing the Trondheimfjord with a car ferry. From the north side dock, it is only a few minutes drive to the southwest facing site, to a home away from home that deals with beauty, a slower pace and the meaning found in basic rituals.

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verdens minste store villa

sove ute under tak                                              varmt bad ute med snø i håret

ligge på en plattform i solen                                       fyre opp i grua    

lage mat inne                                    lage mat ute (samme sted)

lese ute under tak:                      regn, regn, regn, regn                       sitte i veggen

sen middag i kveldssol                           siesta på takterrassen                  ligge i veggen

sitte mange,                      mange på dekkskanten    

                                                          kjernen holder på varmen 

                                                den står inne i rommet

                                                                                     architectural poems f. lund

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